Tuesday, February 16, 2010


With enough pressure from our friends and family, we've finally decided to join civilization and start a family blog! Just like most blogs, we'll take you along with us for the crazy ride of our life! There are the occasional interesting occurrences raising five young kids five and under! Buckle up!

I just got some pictures back from Keira's and Caleb's Birthday party. We had a few people interested in seeing them so we decided to start there. Things have been a bit hectic around here the past few months so Keira and Caleb had a joint Curious George themed party. Keira turned 5 (if you can believe it!) and Caleb turned 3! The kids had a good time so our mission was accomplished! Brian even made an appearance as "The Man in the Yellow Hat". It was such a hoot! 10 bonus points for Brian! I can't believe he agreed to it! Grandma snagged a couple of candid pictures of the kids during a cotton candy sugar high! The kids were so ready to crash by the end of the day !