Friday, September 30, 2011


  Violet and Sadie started school the day after Labor day at Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood Preschool! They absolutely LOVE school and I LOVE having 3 hours, two days a week with only one kiddo!! Woo-hoo! Their teacher is a member of the ward and so our all of their classmates. It's really nice to know they're in such a nice environment to learn. It's a really great class and the girls love their curriculum They visited a dairy just this week on their first class field trip and had a blast. I can't believe I forgot my camera, but oh well. The fresh chocolate milk and cookies at the end of the trip was our favorite part!!
   I think my little girls are the cutest little girls on the planet, but these are not the best pictures of them. I have to be in 3 different places within 10 minutes so we were running (literally) to school. I had no time to deal with Sadie's camera issues and Violet's need to pose with a scrunchy, cheesy smile.

First day of preschool!!! Yay!


San Diego

  My parents invited us on a mini vacation with them to San Diego a few weeks back and we jumped at the chance to get away. Our life has been so crazy-busy lately that I had moments where I was seriously wondering if I was going insane. :) To me, the whole school age kid business is where being a full time mom gets hairy. That's a whole other story for another time. Going back to my initial story, we left on Friday afternoon after Keira got out of school. The plan was to stay at the same hotel (La Fayette) the entire time, however, things rarely go as you plan them. We've stayed at that hotel on multiple occasions in the past, and it's always been a family favorite growing up. Well, fast forward 10 years and uh, yeah. Things change. There were cracks in the exterior walls and half hearted attempts at a remodel. To be honest, yeah, it looked lower class than it did, but that doesn't really bother me (or at least not as much as it does my dad). My dad considers "Roughing it" the Holiday Inn. Needless to say, he was ticked and rightfully so as the rooms (which were his treat) were priced way too high. Not to mention, by the time we got settled places were closing for dinner and we had to eat at the mall. Strike two. The breakfast buffet was Saturday morning and unfortunately, it turned out to be Sunny Delight and two waffle makers for the ENTIRE hotel. The huge line of people were fuming with me when I started my third waffle and since Daylon doesn't eat, I made the 4 kids go halfsies and gave Brian the third waffle. I have an excess supply on board, so I figured I could stand to wait until lunch. Breakfast brings us to, you guessed it. Strike three. I know that in baseball you're given only three strikes, but since we were all was so desperate to have a vacation, we convinced Dad that things would get better...and they did! We went to the harbor to the playground that merges with the ocean, cool and scary all at the same time in my opinion as a mother. Great picnic, great day.

I love that they're best friends

We went back to the hotel to go swimming. When we got there, music was blaring (seriously. Blaring.), which is never a good sign. Felt more like we were pulling up to a party than a hotel. Our rooms had back doors that lead out to little patio areas, which opened up to the hotel pool. We walked into our room and were shocked to see 75-100 college students partying by the pool. So. So. Soooo much skin. They were in our patio area, sitting around our table! Some were rubbing each other up er, applying suntan oil, making out in the pool, bikini girls sitting on boys laps, a group of men (in Speedos) giving massages to each other (if you get my drift). There was no way my kids were going out there to the Playboy mansion for a swim! We complained, then put up a stink and finally got the money back on the rooms for that night. We spent the next several hours looking for rooms...anywhere. Just before we gave up, we found two room at the Ramada. It was surprisingly nice and even had a kitchen. We went swimming and with the exception of Daylon, we all had a blast. Then we went inside, bathed the kids while the men did a run for dinner, ate and started a super fun game night. I love game night. In the morning we had probably the best breakfast buffet I've ever been to, soaked in the Jacuzzi, walked around Seaport Village and then went home.

  All and all, a wonderful weekend. Thanks for inviting us, Mom and Dad!!

Daylon after he peed in our suitcase
Oh and PS- Don't stay at La Fayette ...unless you like that uncomfortable feeling of your eyes burning right out of your skull, which in that case, go right ahead. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brian's Birthday!!

Okay, so I'm posting these out of order but since blogging is taking the place of journaling (is that a word?), I'm putting this in. :) This year, on August 13th, Brian turned 31! Birthday's around here tend to be a several day celebration (and why shouldn't they be?) since we have both sides of our families and our own family to party with. It started a few days before his birthday when the mailman delivered his present wet, so he had to open to see if it was damaged in case a return was needed. The kids and I got him a Kinect for his XBox and thankfully it wasn't ruined! Brian was shocked, which is what I always hope for. Woo-hoo! With the Edling side of the family, my mother-in-law made Brian his favorite dinner that she cooks and he requested that I make hot fudge sundae cake (it's a play on Bob Big Boys famous dessert). We opened presents, played games and the kids ran wild as is usually the case when all the little cousins get together. I'm so mad at myself for forgetting the camera!! Bad wife!
The next day the kids and I made him breakfast in bed (no one was burned which is reason to celebrate right there). After he was done eating, the kiddos gave him a special candy-gram and then we got ready to go out. We met my mom and Jonathan at Irvine Regional Park to celebrate. I made a sub sandwich picnic complete with cupcakes and mom brought the drinks. We had our picnic and then visited the attractions. This place is so busy! We love it there! Mom and Jonathan were a huge help with the kids,so that's awesome! I tried to limit the pictures but there's still a quite a bit. Bare with me....oh, and Dad was still recovering from surgery and couldn't attend.

The Zoo
It's just a small zoo with mostly CA animals, but the kids love it!

I love the look he's giving her!

creepy bird

Waiting to watch the bears feed...

paw size difference between a grizzly and a black bear. The black bears 600lbs seems pretty tiny by comparison!

Boat Ride on the Lake

there were races...but they didn't end well hahaha

the Birthday Boy

tell me that squishy little fake smile doesn't just melt you!

Keira loved driving and trying to help pedal

Family Bike Ride on a Double Surrey

This was so fun and SO. STINKING. HARD. Within the first cycle or two of pushing down on the pedals we all just realized that this was going to be so much more work than we anticipated. My mom was saying, "We have this thing for an hour?!?! No. No. NO. I'm done!" The four adults just laughed and laughed the whole ride (which I realize may have been part of our problems). The kids (the little girls especially) screamed like they were on a roller coaster. All the other parties in the park just stared at us as we drove by, for good reason. I'm sure we must have looked like a bike full of lunatics. Sometimes it was so hard going up the hills that the four adults would jump out and push the bike until we were all running and then try to fling ourselves back onto the bike. Yeah. We're not as agile as we once were....okay. Mom and I aren't. Anyway, it was a total BLAST at the park and Brian really enjoyed himself. Afterwards, mom and Jonathan babysat while Brian and I went on a date. Oh! I love the date nights!!
The next Wednesday once my sister came home and dad was better, we had a big Italian dinner per Brian's request and something great for dessert, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. THIS is why I need to be a better blogger!

Happy Birthday, Brian!!