Friday, September 30, 2011


  Violet and Sadie started school the day after Labor day at Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood Preschool! They absolutely LOVE school and I LOVE having 3 hours, two days a week with only one kiddo!! Woo-hoo! Their teacher is a member of the ward and so our all of their classmates. It's really nice to know they're in such a nice environment to learn. It's a really great class and the girls love their curriculum They visited a dairy just this week on their first class field trip and had a blast. I can't believe I forgot my camera, but oh well. The fresh chocolate milk and cookies at the end of the trip was our favorite part!!
   I think my little girls are the cutest little girls on the planet, but these are not the best pictures of them. I have to be in 3 different places within 10 minutes so we were running (literally) to school. I had no time to deal with Sadie's camera issues and Violet's need to pose with a scrunchy, cheesy smile.

First day of preschool!!! Yay!


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