Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not to be rude but...

   Dear Summer,
   Thanks to you I have enjoyed many Bar-B-Ques, refreshing dips in a pool, bon fires, sunburn tans and water fights. "Beach" goes hand in hand with "Summer" and tell me, how could that possibly be a bad thing? But the thing is... it's mid-October. It's not supposed to be over 100 degrees... well, really ever but especially not on October 13th. Don't take this the wrong way, but go away.  Please don't come back until the earliest.



  1. Dear Summer,

    Please don't listen to her...You already neglect me as it is. If you follow my sister's request, I might have to throw a temper tantrum, and I know how as my 17 month old has taught me.


  2. Dear Fall,

    Oh you say, "Summer is in California?" Apparently you tried to visit California, but you must not have made it. We wondered where you had gone. Summer left Utah and appeared to have taken you with her. Thankfully you returned. California would like a visit from you. But, please stay here a while. We are just not ready for Winter, no offense intended I know you are close friends. We love the heavy blue-white snow that she brings. During Winter's recent visit I realized the ice scraper seems to be missing from my car, and I can't seem to find the box that contains my new Winter coat.

    We are currently enjoying the cool days, crisp apples and the chill in the evening air that you bring. While you were gone our new sod was even dusted with a preview of Winter's snow.

    Fall please stay for a little while. There are apples to can, spiced cider to drink and pumpkins to bake into pies.

    Please stop in and visit California. Our friends there are missing you. (Please keep the trip quiet, we don't want to hurt Winter's feelings. She over stayed her welcome and took up Springs time earlier this year.)

    Love Always,