Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A magician, a comedian and a miner rolled into one

   I have five kids. That's common knowledge I know, but my point is that I have enough kids to know that although I think my kids are strikingly beautiful,  future Nobel Prize winners (yes, all five of them) and Olympians, with such wonderful comedic timing we're considering a move to Vegas, I also know that EVERY parent thinks this of their kid, thus making my kids appear ordinary to them.
   Soooo, basically I'm saying this is our blog and I'm about to bore you with a story. Haha

   So that this kid can show his/her face again in public, I won't identify which kid I'm talking about. Anyway, last night this kid was putting on a magic show for us and the particular trick this kid had mastered was making little tile shapes disappear. The "re-appearing" sometimes took a minute but tiles always reappeared. From my seat it looked like she (okay, okay. It's one of the girls. Geesh you guys are good) put them behind her back, I assumed putting them on the table she stood up against. OK, so each kid took a turn showing off their talent ( I use this word loosely) of magic.

  Well, this girl told her siblings that they weren't very good at magic like her because she could always see where the object they made "disappear" was.
   I whispered to her, "You need to be nice. Don't think I didn't see you put the tiles behind you." (yes, I'm that kind of mom)
   To which she replied, "Yeah, I know, but I REALLY DID make one disappear!!"
    I laughed, "Oh, you think so?"
    "Yeah, Mom! I really did! I reached in my butt crack to get it and I couldn't find it! I had to say the magic words again until I finally found it!"


  I'm so proud. A magician, a comedian and a miner rolled into one.