Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, we did it! We FINALLY bought our first house!

We started funding the house last Monday and got the keys on Tues. When we first moved to California starter homes were well over half a million and we had to wait patiently for the market to move into a zone we're more comfortable with. Twice we saved for a down payment and twice we had to use it to pay off unexpected medical bills (NICU bills for our little preemies and well, Daylon). Anyway, when we moved back to California in the end of December, we moved in with my parents to start saving immediately and started looking for a house. We've known for the last couple years that we wanted to live in Lake Elsinore and we were lucky enough to snatch up a house in the Rosetta Canyon area. We LOVE the area. We put in offers on about 12 other homes and the giant bidding wars were beginning to drive me nuts. I guess everyone wants the good houses- I don't know why. :) Anyway, when the interest rates began to climb we realized we needed to change our tactics and we decided to go with a smaller house since there's less competition(in Lake Elsinore the price difference between a 3500 sq ft house and a 2000 sq ft house is about 10k. Mello Roos and special assessments is where the price adds up. Gotta love CA. ). The neighborhood is absolutely wonderful and the schools are top notch...which after our disappointment in Vicentia, is just what we were looking for! I am soooo happy! I love our cute house and can't wait for all the memories we'll have in that house. Yay!

We've been painting a few rooms and moving over the last week. I'll post pictures of the inside once we're unpacked and set up.