Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to my life...

  • 6:45am- Get up, wake four older kids
  • Go downstairs to wear I laid out their pressed, complete outfits on the couch the night before
  • Remind them to get dressed why I get their hair stuff out
  • Start breakfast
  • Remind them to get dressed again
  • Go in the living room and start doing hair
  • Finish dressing the slackers
  • Do the last of the hair
  • Serve breakfast while I run up to get showered and dressed
  • Load 4 kids in the car and then run up to get the baby.
  • Change his diaper and dress him while he screams
  • Carry screaming baby and IV pole to the car
  • Find a place to park which is A. NIIIIIIGHT. MARE.
  • Pull out the stroller, pull out kids
  • push double stroller with IV pole a block or two to the school
  • wait for it to be 8:50 so the Kindergarten teacher will open the gate (no recess before school. I know.    
  •      Dumb, right!?)
  • Walk Keira to the elementary school gate (she starts later)
  • Walk the twins down the block to preschool
  • Hike back to the car
  • Target with Daylon and his IV pole
  • Drive home
  • Load of dishes. Load of laundry
  • Pick up twins from school
  • Go home, give twins lunch
  • Drive to school, park, unload stroller
  • Walk to get Caleb
  • Walk back
  • Go home
  • Unhook Daylon's machine and put him down for a nap
  • Help Caleb with homework.
  • Drive back to school to get Keira
  • stroller, walking, waiting in the chaos for my turn to get my kid (all kids stay with their teacher until they are released. They have this hand off program at their school. Good on cutting down chances of kidnapping, but I tend to have claustrophobic issues by the time we leave from all the pushing and the parents! The 100+ degree temps lately don't help the cranky factor)
  • Sit in traffic to leave the parking lot. School gets out at 3:12, we're in the car by 3:25 but not out of the parking lot until around 3:45. Crazy.
  • Get Keira going on homework
  • Start get Caleb moving in soccer clothes
  • Throw something...anything in a crockpot or stove for dinner
  • Pack up blankets and kids and drive to practice
  • Sit at practice for 2 hours trying to keep the 3 younger kids entertained and Keira from getting distracted from her homework
  • Have Keira start on homework again (she has about 3 hours of homework every night! Pages and pages and pages)
  • Finish dinner
  • Serve dinner and by this time it's 8:30 at night
  • PJs
  • Brian's home! FINALLY!!!!!!!!
  • Scripture time

As we are starting to kneel for family almost 10pm on a school night...

Violet- Is that it? Is our day over?
Me - Yeah.
Violet pouting- Hmp! That's not fair! We didn't even do anything today!

Really? Really??

Ah. Kids. You gotta love 'em!....You do don't you?

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  1. That is insane how they do pick-up at your school! I would die if I had to get out of the car with my brood to get William!

    And 3 hours of homework!? That's so much for a little one! William would absolutely die!

    One last thing: One great thing about having all boys? I don't have to take so much time in the morning to do hair!