Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our house in photos

It's 10 am, I'm down to three kiddos right now (woo-hoo!) who are occupied (thank you Disney Junior) and my house is clean ...well, let's just say no one will trip walking through the living room. Let's be honest, my house hasn't been cleaned without company since I had the twins. If I've got the downstairs presentable, then I'm doin' good. Anyway, I decided, why not blog? Since I owe Michelle pictures of the house, I'[m starting there. It's still a work in progress, but we're getting there.-and yes, I am aware that we've been here 4 months already. Slow and steady wins the race? Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'm gonna go with. =)

Here's your tour!

The key to our home!

Living Room-

   living room project- the end table



 matches the entertainment unit pretty nicely, I think.

as unsightly as it is, we LOVE our SuperSac


we have a gerber daisy theme

Dining Room
Project- paint the blood red wall



Toy Room

Project #1- wake up the walls

we had my mom come over and paint the cutest silhouettes of a little boy and girl blowing bubbles

Project #2- Get the toy kitchen to match


we switched out the ceiling fan for the boy's room fan which was white and speckled with different shades of blue (I know) and painted each blade the colors from the rug

Downstairs Bathroom

I REALLY can't stand this bathroom wall color, but I've run out of energy, so it's gonna wait.
Now for the upstairs...

Master Bedroom
Project- paint the room (same red as downstairs and tan)



This room is just plain big and there's still work to be done. One day we'll have this half of the room decorated and (fingers crossed) we'll have a chair and a half chaise in the corner over there were the boxes are. :)

Kid's Bathroom
Project- paint frog and dragon flies  
thanks mom!

I painted these to match the towels...wanna know something pathetic? I've yet to hang these.

Laundry Room

ignore all the laundry. This room is always over flowing with 7 people in the family

 Girl's Room

I made these cute canopies to hang over their beds, but again, haven't hung them up yet! :)

Boy's Room
Coming soon...baby was sleeping. Way to risky to enter. =)


It's been well over 100 degrees lately and yard work has been pushed to the back of our "To Do" list...as you can see
Project - weed garden into vegetable garden
If you look behind them, there's the before picture of the garden area. It was just weeds.

After- tomatoes, watermelon, squash, bell peppers, Anaheim chilies, Serrano chilies, basil, strawberries

 next up...turning my nemesis (the sandbox)

into a water feature. Wish us luck! ...well, more Brian than me ;)
We'll keep you updated as the projects unroll!        

Ps- Just thought you'd like to know- I now need to do damage control through the living room. I swear, you live 'em alone for a minute....


  1. Okay there are so many things I love about your house! The colors are beautiful! I love your bed! And the silhouettes in the playroom... fun! You have also motivated me to decorate my house. Hopefully by in a few more months I'll have pictures to show of my house too... but if I'm being realistic let's plan on December :)

  2. So fun to see your house (I love house tours!). It is beautiful. I'm super impressed with all the changes you've made in such a short time. I love your cute playroom and the silhouettes your mom did. What a fun idea. Your bedroom in very classy and you have such a great backyard. I'm just in love with all of it. What fun!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you guys like it! We love how things have turned out, but it's always nice to hear that other people like it too! Thanks!! Jeanine I can't wait for December to see your pictures! You Fisher girls have always been super creative! Amy, I love the changes you guys have made too!

  4. The house looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it (and YOU!) :)