Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School! ...and then there were three

  Last Wednesday, Aug 10th was the first day of school!! We were all looking forward for school to start. =) Keira is in the first grade this year in Mrs. Jones' class and our sweet Caleb started Kindergarten in Mrs. Lane's. Both kids love school and their teachers! Brian and I spent a few hours with Caleb on his first day and then we headed over to the Principal meeting. We are really impressed with this school and the staff. We were actually just going to have the kids go to Earl Warren for a few weeks until Sycamore Academy (the local charter school) opened and we knew for sure that they got in. After just the first day, we knew that this was the school for us. They're really into giving each kid their own goals and plans. It's awesome! Plus, it's a newer school (4 yrs old) and all of the teacher were hand picked. The only bummer is that Rosetta Canyon has grown quiet a bit and there are now 901 students enrolled. Pick up is NUTS. That's a whole other post.
So, without further adu, I give you, "The First day of School!"...
They're SO excited, if you can't tell

we all dropped Keira off first

obviously, their mascot but the coolest thing is that they have a REAL WOLF for big events!! I didn't get a picture though- totally dumb move on my part

Keira and Mrs. K. Jones

goin' off to class

Check out the view!!

Caleb's class started out the day with instructions and The Kissing Hand. It's actually kind of cool, because it's our family tradition to read that same story at bedtime the night before school starts every year. Caleb thought it was pretty cool to have a double dose of kisses in his hand.

Next the kids worked at 4 different stations mostly coloring, cutting, painting, story telling, and writing

when the bell rings the touch their shoulders. Kind of weird but whatever

It was a great day for everyone!

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