Friday, June 17, 2011


Keira graduated from Kindergarten (it's been like 2 weeks, but lets pretend I'm not that horrible at posting!) ! I can't believe the year is over already! It flew by! Keira is such a sweet little girl and it's so fun to watch her grow into a young lady. She made honor roll every quarter and never had to move her clip down once for bad behavior. Actually, she even got to move it to the very elite top row several times (her teacher said that they can go weeks without anyone moving up)! We're so proud of her!

Before school on the day of her graduation, we drove to Grandma's and Papa's so they could watch the kids and we could take Keira out for breakfast. She chose Del Taco. Go figure.

Her graduation...

She spotted her family!

She not unimpressed, she's bored. Every few line the would switch from English to Spanish and the whole thing became LONG. Next to her his her best school friend Alexa

Our whole family, Grandma and Papa, Grandma Edling, Aunt Jenn and her three younger kids all came to watch Keira on her big day!

The next day was a school assembly where Keira received two awards. One for academics and one for following the "Vicentia Values" (whatever those are). =)

Now that Summer Vacation has started she's loving that too!!


  1. Wow, on one hand I can't believe she is already done with kindergarten, but then I look at her pictures, and she looks years older. Tell her to stop growing up so fast!

  2. ^ What Dejah said! I can't believe her time in kindergarten is already done. She is such a cute little lady! We really miss you guys & are glad to see everything is going well.

  3. Keira is such a beautiful girl. It must be so fun to watch her excel in school.

    And I wish we had Del Taco around here :0