Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Father's Day thoughts...

This is late, but Blogger was giving me issues.

This year, I sat the kids down to ask them about their Daddy (I took the liberty of answering for Daylon). Here's what they said:

My Dad is someone who...

"... loves me."- Keira

"...cooks yummy pancakes so Mommy can sleep for like 2 years! " -Violet (so we're clear, 2 years is 9 am on Saturdays!)

"...covers me when I go to bed." -Caleb

"...makes me burst into a smile and start flapping around when I see him" -Daylon

" special." -Sadie

I love to...

" cuddle with my Dad"- Keira

"race Daddy and play catch with him! Oh! I also love to be Daddy's helper!" -Caleb

"go with  him to the store and it's just me and him!"- Violet

"play soccer ball with him and when he flies me in the air." -Sadie

"get WAY TOO many M&Ms from Daddy every night during scripture time."- Daylon

We love you, Daddy!!

Okay, so if you'll allow me, I'm going to be the obnoxious blogger for a second. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, who is also a great Daddy. Our life has not been at all like I expected. Brian was such an amazing Dad (seriously, I was impressed) to Keira and Caleb. He worked long hours, went to school and still had time to run them around the house and read stories during the 30 minutes he was home in between the two .  When Caleb was 13 months old and the twins were born, I wasn't sure how I would make it through the insanity and LONG. NIGHTS. but I knew I could because Brian and I were a team. I would take one baby and he would have the other, and we lived like zombies together. :) He would find ways to entertain our 4 kids (3 and younger) so I could cook dinner, or vacuum. Almost 2 years ago our life was kicked up a notch when Daylon was born.  Since then he has dealt with assisting me in bandage changes that have made him sick, the heavy guilt of injuring our son by touching him and yet he still continues to be willing to help, a wife who cried almost every night for months (pathetic but true), and four young children who require the same, if not more attention than typical kids. In this last year he took on the role of Mr Mom staying home with them most days at the Ronald McDonald house while I was at the hospital with Daylon. We would go days with only seeing each other for a minute or two when we met at the front of the hospital as he dropped off my dinner. He cleaned, cooked, dressed the kids, mastered the ponytail (without lumps), entertained them and taught them. All I know is that I struggled to do that when we were at home and could only make it through the day knowing that Brian would be home by 6pm and would help me out with the kids, not to mention provide adult conversation. He didn't have that. On top of all of that I would run into the other families or RMH staff and they would tell me how well behaved our kids were and how impressed they were with Brian's ability to keep them under control. I have NO CLUE how he did it! He provides for there material well being, but he also contributes to our children's physical and emotional well being more than I've ever seen another dad do. I know that it's only because of the way he's handled the various trials we've been given throughout the years that we're such a close knit family today.
 Brian, I love and admire you so much! You're such a wonderful Dad. Thank you for being my husband, my best friend and my comedic relief. Happy Father's Day!

  I have also been blessed with a great Dad, myself. Brian and I both appreciate his council and fun sense of humor. The older I get the more I realize how great my dad is. He brought the church to our family and raised us to want to be good people. I love my dad so much! Not to mention he's one fun Grandpa!

I will always be grateful to my father-in-law for showing Brian how to be the man he is today. He is Brian's hero and it shows. We love and miss him everyday.

To the dad's in all our lives, Happy Father's Day!!


  1. Such a nice post. I'm glad you have had a good husband, when times are hard.

  2. This was so nice to read. You really capture the essence of Brian, Joe & Duane: PURE AWESOMENESS. Give Brian a hug from us.