Friday, July 8, 2011


 Like most wives, I can say that my husbands driving makes me nervous at times. To be honest though, he's either getting better and maturing with age or I'm getting used to it, because he rarely scares me. In the last eight years that I've known him, Brian has not had a single moving violation or accident. Not too shabby, right?
Tuesday- he backed into an illegally parked car trying to avoid my brother's illegally parked car. Go figure. Oh, and it was in my beautiful van! (sniff, sniff) :) It had to happen eventually, so whatchagonna do?

Wednesday came and went on and everything was peach keen.

Thursday you ask? Well, he decided to top himself and rear end a PORSCHE on the way to work. The good news? No one was hurt. The better news (totally kidding) is that we can FINALLY get a new car. I've been begging Brian for an upgrade (it's his car) for the last several years but he wanted to drive that old clunker until it stopped. Boo! That thing is as ugly as they get. I'll I'm asking is for a car that has been made in the last 15 years. ;)

Thursday night, on his way home from Walmart he was pulled over in the van and given a ticket for having a broken head light. Luckily, he was at Walmart to buy a new head light so it was written up as a warning.

What a week!

Good-bye Wawanesa. We will miss your ultra affordable insurance rates.