Monday, July 11, 2011

The jellybean game

Fourth of July weekend was the "Gallo Family Reunion" (my mom's side). We have a disgusting game that we play whenever we all get together. It's pretty funny to play, my tummy can never handle it well. Basically, we play "Knock" aka "31" with a few slight changes. If you knock and you are the lowest at the table, you eat two jellybeans. If you're just the lowest at the table, then you eat one jellybean. So I know what you're thinking...What kind of punishment is eating a jellybean, right? Well, these jellybeans aren't just any jellybeans. They're a equally mixed jelly belly beans and Harry Potter jelly bellies. The Harry Potter beans have lovely flavors like vomit, boogers, dog food, soap, pencil shavings, rotten eggs and moldy cheese--just to name a FEW!!  I have to admit that it is pretty enjoyable to watch someone reach in and blindly grab out a jellybean and then watch their facial expression to see if it was cherry or centipede. I enjoyed taking pictures all week by pictures are some of the funniest (in my opinion, anyway) of the reunion.  Believe it or not, there were 15 or so of us playing, but it seemed like the same few people kept having to eat beans! Enjoy!

He blew dog food in her face

She threw up after this picture

That would be me trying not to vomit while eating rotten egg. Yup. Good times.


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  1. Best facial expressions ever! Love it. Weird game, but love it. :)