Monday, July 25, 2011

Fourth of July

I am so unmotivated these days it's pathetic.
I am only now getting around to posting about the fourth of July for that very reason. Okay, so the fourth of July was towards the end of the Gallo Family Reunion (my mom's side) and was a total blast. The only down side was driving to Corona everyday, but the company and laughs made up for it 10 fold.
  The morning of the Fourth, we packed up the kids, chairs and our giant canopy (the baby can't be in the sun) and drove down in time for the parade down Main street. It's a total tradition. Neither Brian or I care much at all for parades, but my dad loves them, the kids love them and my dad LOVES watching our kids faces at them. We do too. It's hard not to. Kids just make cheesy things fun. Anyway, this year it was especially fun since two of my Aunts, my cousin Jake and three of my four siblings were still down.

These ladies just crack me up!!

Aunt Marla

Aunt Gwen

Jonathan and Nicole

After the parade, we went back to my parents for games, food, laughing and more games. My parents took my Aunt Gwen to the airport and when they came home, we started up the Bar-B-Que. After a good meal, we headed out to the Juice it Up patio area to watch the fireworks. The kids LOVE fireworks and it's the first they've seen of them all Summer. To our surprise, even Daylon loved the fireworks. Last year, he sort of missed the fourth of July (being in a coma and all) so this was a lot like his first fourth.

I still think the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. God bless America!

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