Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two wheelers!

Anyone who knows Caleb knows that he was born an athlete. Any physical task and he takes it on, head first. He was my only kid to crawl by 5 months, walk along furniture at 5 1/2 months and walk at 7 month. He could use the handles to scale to the top of the fridge (for the Costco tub of licorice) the Summer after his first birthday. He'll jump off things high enough to make his mother's heart stop, he'll run all day without tiring (this is not a talent, but a curse. TRUST ME.) and has impressive hand eye coordination.

Anyone who knows Keira knows that she's 6 going on 26, will make you laugh with her grown up sentence structure and sayings, can stump her parents intelligence fairly regularly (embarrassing, but true. Her latest...Do you know how long it takes for a rock to become a mineral? Or if all minerals are elements? I do now. Thank you, Google.) and loves being the oldest (in other words, first) kid in the family. One thing that she does struggle with? Adventure. She's so, so, SO cautious of anything that may possibly hurt her, it's silly. I mean, she wouldn't climb on a dining room chair until she was about 3 because she was certain it would fall over on her. This fear can limit her when it comes to some things.
For instance, ditching her training wheels.

Caleb has been ready to leave his training wheels for months now, but I've kept them on because I didn't want Keira to feel bad about still having some on her bike. Her argument to not remove her training wheels was apparently pretty convincing because Caleb would burst into tears at talk of removing his. I was told he didn't want to hit his head and die. Not dramatic at all.

Last week I told the kids that Saturday the training wheels were being thrown out, so they better brace themselves. On Saturday afternoon Brian took the kids outside to have them remove their own training wheels and make sure their bike tires had enough air. It was a big event in our house. The little girls, Daylon and I lined up chairs on the grass and clapped and cheered. It was actually pretty fun!

 Caleb went first...

 He did great!! Two or so times across the patio with Brian holding on and he was ready to take off on his own! We're so proud of him!!

Keira went next. Another tid bit about Keira? She must have been a model in another life because the camera comes out and so do her poses. She was cracking us up.

As I was saying: Keira went next. For your enjoyment, keep an eye on her face.

Brian walked her up and down 30 plus times but she would always yell, "Not ready!! Not ready!!"!
He let her go once...

I can not tell you how much I was laughing by the end. Oh, well. We're trying again after FHE tonight. Maybe she'll have better luck then!


  1. I love how you describe your kids. And I love Keira's face. You take such nice pictures. I hope the second try goes better than the first.

  2. What a fun milestone! I cannot believe how much Keira looks like you!

  3. Keira's face just cracks me up!

  4. Brent & I just about peed ourselves from laughing at Keira's faces. They are ALL growing up too fast! Tell them to slow it down!