Friday, February 3, 2012

A heaven sent addition to our family

...or at least at Christmas time.

Yes. I know it's Groundhog's Day, but I need to catch up at some point, so bare with me.

As I was saying, this little guy is Heaven sent well...actually Target North Pole sent.

Thanksgiving weekend my kids got an email from the Big Guy in the red suit:

   Dear Keira, Caleb, Violet, Sadie and Daylon,

   Thank you so much for your letters! I magically get your letters as soon as you sign your name to them so don't worry about sending them in the mail. I know you five kids have been extra wonderful this year and I'm so glad to know that!
  Up here in the North Pole we've had a bit of a problem. You see, there are so many children to keep watch after in the world and this time of year it gets extra hard for me to do that since so much magic is used for quickly finishing up all the toys for the good little girls and boys. That's why I'm sending a few of my elves down from the North Pole to help me keep track of the children. I've decided to send an elf to your family since there are so many of you in one place!
  Your new elf friend has already left the North Pole and is on his way to your home in Lake Elsinore! He's already walked all the way to ALASKA!! He sent me his a picture of him there and I'm sharing it with you too! He should be at your house in a couple of days! Keep your eyes peeled for our little friend!
  His job is to report to me every night about how well you guys have behaved. Please keeping being good little children and I'll see you on Christmas Eve!
 Santa Clause

this photo was attached (thank you, Google)

  The kids were super stoked at the idea that a visitor from the North Pole would be living with us! You have to understand, this whole situation was a "Make it or Break it" move. Keira's faith in the whole Santa business was faltering, thanks to some punks at school, so we weren't 100% if this was a good idea. This could be her last straw and totally blow the SC's cover or (and what we were hoping for) this could give us our first and final year of all five kids enjoying Santa (in other words, they all actually know who he is this year). Keira having a total melt down in front of the other 4, was at risk.
   The night the elf arrived, he knocked all the ornaments off the kid's tree as he crash landed. We're not entirely sure why, but all of the kid's undies replaced the ornaments. We also came with an instruction book that we read right away.

   We were told to name the elf and the kids decided he looked like a Pascal. So, Pascal it was.

    The upside is that the kids LOVED having him around. I never even had to mention he was around (which is good because the whole manipulation thing, didn't sit the best with me at times). They fought less (cue the choir of angels) and enjoyed talking to him. The deal is, you talk to him, but he can't talk back (think Toy Story). It was also, hands off the elf because when he was touched by normal humans he lost his magic. There was one day that Caleb and Sadie decided to test that magic notion and Pascal didn't return the next day. Instead there was a note saying he need to rest up and get his magic back. Little stinkers. Most of all, he just brought this magic to our kids faces.
   Keira and Caleb were both a little hesitant to the idea and repeatedly told us that he looked like a doll to which I would stare at Pascal and reply, "Hmmm. You think, so?". After the first day they gave in to the concept that he magically comes alive when no one is around and all was good.
   As in most things in life, there is a bad side. Our children suddenly had an urge to wake up at 5:30....IN THE MORNING and run around the house looking for Pascal.
   One of the greatest things about it is that elves started showing up and all of their friends and their cousins houses too and it seemed our neighborhood had come alive with magic. It's was pretty dang cool.
    Here's some of the kids favorite Pascal sightings:

He often brought the kids Christmas activities or small treats like this giant coloring book

the Christmas time scandal. We thought it was pretty funny.Caleb however, did not.

GI Joe was near by watching his Sweetheart run off with Pascal

Pascal also gave the kids the 12 days of Christmas in Christmas books! They LOVED reading that days book at night before scripture time. (Scholastics- $15 for 12 books)

Their favorite gift of all--

The kids were soooo curious what would grow. Most believed a bean stalk.
 The next morning....

blurry, but I love it!

there's my magic...look at that face. Pure glee.

    The kids have each told me on separate occasions that they miss Pascal and can't wait for Thanksgiving so they can see him again.

   I love this tradition.


  1. What a great tradition! I LOVE the magic seeds.

  2. What a fun tradition!
    Good to hear from you!


  3. I love the magic seeds too! My kids didn't have an elf at our house, but he was at my brother's house. It was so fun to see their faces. Ethan even wrote him a letter asking for a lego firetruck. I thought I was doomed, because I didn't get him one. I mean Santa. ;) But low and behold, the lego set I did get for him turned into a fire truck! We were saved! So fun!

    1. That's awesome! I love how kids can just improvise!