Thursday, March 1, 2012

Violet and Sadie turned 4!!!

  ... (ahem) 2 1/2 months ago. So I'm a little tardy. What else is new? :) On top of it all, I'm missing the photos from their birthday day. I am SO bummed about that..

the post must go on, right?...
     So, like I said, our little girls turned 4 and I still can hardly believe it! In some ways, it's seem like such a short time ago that I was anxiously awaiting my day to hold them in the NICU and here they are now, running around, talking a million miles a minute.
    Violet (who's the oldest by 2 whole minutes and enjoys reminding her "little" sister) is my biggest cuddle bug. She probably my most obedient child at the moment (or at least suffers the least from A.D.D. :) ), loves to be the helper, and is always my assistant when bandaging Daylon's latest wound during the day. She finds a huge amount of joy in serving others and pleasing her mom and dad. She also has a bit of a feisty streak that keeps us on our toes! She loves painting, being outside, playing dress up and babies, she can shake her booty and get down with her bad self like nobody's business. She loves 'Tangled' and playing Dance Central 2 and Karaoke Revolution.

     Sadie does what she wants, when she wants to... which is both a challenge and a blessing. She can read just about any phonetic word you put in front of her (that's 5 letters or less) and can add and subtract for totals under 12. She loves books and playing outside. She loves to dress herself which is, she loves animals, sports, climbing and is a total Tomboy which we think is pretty adorable. I don't know what it is about a disheveled ponytail and a baseball cap, but I love it. She does have a girly spot in her heart for anything "Little Mermaid". She has the sweetest little belly laugh and an AMAZING artist.

  Both girls love preschool, playing on the Fire, Phineas and Ferb, Bubble Guppies and playing with their siblings and their dog, Skittles and anything "Pinkalicious".

  Speaking of, the girls chose a "Pinkalicious" theme party:

Saphren, Sadie, Violet and Tori

Despite Sadie's beastly experession, she was playing with Dylan here

I love this picture Brian took of Gavin

Keira and Aleyna



  1. Darling girls! What a cute party.

  2. Cute! A lot has happened for your family in the last 4 years. :o)