Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas dinner with the Norwalk DLCs

  When I was growing up, I spent one day each weekend at my grandparents house. Our whole big family, all together- being loud, animated and eating too much good food. Those are some of my favorite memories. Unfortunately, my amazing grandfather passed away 5 years ago last November and our (extended) family life has never recovered.  My grandmother moved in with my parents and the grand kids lives got busier with spouses, kids, careers and far away universities. This Christmas my parents hosted a Christmas dinner at their house and we were almost all able to get together (my sister. Michelle and her daughter, Elizabeth were absent). My Aunt Alicia (whom, as a side note, I LOVE to pieces!!) also came. She's my grandpa's little sister and the family resemblance to him is strong. Her mannerism and speech patterns remind me so much of him.
  Anyway, here the photos from that fun night! -- I'm missing a bunch of people, sorry!

Love you guys!!!

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