Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving school days

   For my dad, who has held to his guns and not joined Facebook, I give you this post....

  The kids have had a busy week enjoying school.

  At the little girls WONDERFUL preschool, they learned about Thanksgiving and read and made stone soup. They even made homemade butter to go with the cornbread!

Violet and Saphron

Sadie the Pilgrim

  Daylon and I got to come for their feast and really enjoyed ourselves. We love Mrs. Rogers!

  Caleb had his Thanksgiving feast today, which was supplied 100% by the great Kindergarten teachers. The feast didn't resemble the first Thanksgiving much (pizza, chips and fruit) with the exception of the pumpkin pie. Caleb was proud to announce to his sisters that his class got to be, "the aliens!!". I think we need to get his hearing checked. Hahaha!

  Their was an awards ceremony today at school as well and the three little ones and I were able to attend. Keira received two academic awards. We're so proud of her!!

  As the mother to all of these children with the chaotic schedule, I'm seriously  looking forward to Thanksgiving break! Nine whole days of no school! A WOO-HOO and pass the turkey!
     Enjoy your week!

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