Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 and counting...

     Keira's birthday is just 10 days after Caleb's so we're throwin' another birthday post at ya.

    A little about Keira:
    Keira always puts other's feelings before her own. She loves being a helper! She is constantly helping out without being asked. She's a great cook and wonderful with her little siblings. She is kind to everyone and LOVES to laugh... such a contagious laugh too! She loves her cousins and friends and is always counting down til the next playdate. She is also a very smart little girl. She is reading at third grade level and doing second grade math in the first grade. She just got straight "Os" on her report card too! She loves the beach, shopping and Phineas and Ferb. She loves church too and learning scripture stories! Music is also a big part of Keira's life. Since she was litle, she always impresses us with how many songs she knows the words to on the radio and in primary.
   Keira wanted to have a Princess Ball for her party this year and a 10 days before the party she deicded that she would rather have a special big date night with Brian and I.  With the date night in motion, we invited grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and cousins over for her birthday dinner. Unfortunately, the week of her birthday she came down with pneumonia, so we had to push it back a week. I tried to make her birthday day fun, but it was definately not the best birthday day ever since she was so sick (and so were the twins and Caleb). We had pizza and orange slices for dinner and the kids and I made carmel apples for dessert (which is double great since it also crosses something off our family's Fall to-do list!).

for her birthday donut, she picked a gormet donut shop that carries unique donuts: the one she chose for herself had gummy bears on it. Yummm (gag)

moving the ghost to the "26th" of October

these were soooo good. They're chocolate covered carmel apples. Keira and Sadie made sprinkle topping apples, Violet oreo and Caleb M&M

even sick, she's adorable

     The Friday after her birthday we took her to her favorite restaurant (Denny's) and then to the movies to see "Puss in Boots". We loved spending time with just her! It was such a blast ! Keira asked that we do dinner and the movies but she also wanted us to come up with a surprise for her. The second she said that, I knew what I wanted to do! I went to and negotiated a hotel room. I got a room with breakfast included for $35! I love priceline! Keira absolutely LOVED her surprise! It was my first night away from Daylon so we stayed in Corona, just in case my parents had a hard time with his machine or whatever. We didn't tell her where we were going and it wasn't until the front desk clerk asked if we wanted a King or 2 Queen beds that she figured out what was going on. We stayed up late and she tried her first rootbeer from a bottle. In the morning we slept in, had a tickle fight and a GREAT hot breakfast. Yummmm. After we checked out, we went to Party City to get her costume and then went to get the kids.

I think she's had soda 5 or so times ever, so this was a big treat!

she loved sleeping in the middle of Brian and I- so sweet

losing a tickle fight with Daddy

relaxing and watching Phineas and Ferb before breakfast

    Later that night my parents took our family and my grandma out for a double birthday dinner (grandma and Keira)

   Last Friday, we had a mini version of Keira's party. My family and Brian's attended. Our kids and the Russell kids came dressed up in Disney Princess and Prince costumes. I was able to use some of the decoration I already bought too. Keira asked for Chili and Cornbread and chocolate pie for dessert. We all had a great time together.
A modest version of Princess Jasmine and Prince Philip

Princess Jasmine hair

L-R: Aleyna= Ariel, Ashton= Buzz (he's a Pixar prince if there ever was one :) ), Keira = Jasmine, Violet= Tinkerbell, Gavin= Prince Gavin, Sadie= Ariel getting married and Caleb= Prince Philip. Not pictured: Landon as Prince Landon and Daylon as the dragon from Sleeping Beauty (not a prince, but I was running out of costumes! =P)

hugs for the birthday girl!

  Keira, you are such beautiful, smart and wonderful little girl! I am so blessed to be your mom! I love you!


  1. What a fun night out with mom and dad! I'm going to remember that!

  2. What a very fun birthday. Your family has such fun traditions. I love the doughnut breakfast idea. Keira's night out with Mom and Dad seems like it was a blast. I just love that! What a great surprise you came up with.

  3. Wish I lived closer to be part of all the fun.

  4. Thanks guys! I wish you did too Michelle!...Lake Elsinore is a great place to live!...I'm just sayin' =)