Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caleb's Party

    Caleb's birthday party was the day before his actual birthday and he chose a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" theme. To be honest, I was a bit surprised because he really doesn't watch that show too much, but whatever makes him happy right? =) There was a pretty good turn out (about 25 kids total) and the highlight of his party was the pirate ship slide/bounce house...which I didn't get any pictures of. Ugh. I did a lot of running around and not a whole lot of photo taking, but here's what I did get: enjoy!


all the kids got happy pirate tattoos and swords when they arrived

Caleb helped me make the treasure chest for the treasure hunt. We filled it with ring pops, Fun size 100 grand bars, chocolate coins, jewels and these cool pirate pouches I got on Amazon filled with toy coins

the treasure hunt went all around our house and yard, but it ending in the dining room

Keira and Aleyna finding the treasure chest. The last riddle was surprising confusing to the kids and most ran to the patio table :) Ha!

food table...well, what was left of part of it by the end. Gold fish and Swedish fish for snacks.

pirate pops that Grandma De La Cerda made

probably the worst cake I've ever made. I TOTALLY ran out of time and this massive cake (6 mixes) kept falling apart

A plane formation flew overhead as we sang "Happy Birthday" I thought that was pretty cool. A benefit to living in "Sky Country"

Caleb and Jarred are such cute little friends. Jarred is Caleb's teammate and Coach's son.

  Afterwards, Grandma (my mom), Grandma M&M and the Russell's stayed for pizza and a sugar high play time. The kids love cousin time! Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!