Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Our initial plan for Halloween was to dress everyone up as Phineas and Ferb characters but after the Daylon ended up with an infection and then the kids sick, I ran out of time. Only half the costumes were finished so we had to resort to plan B (next yr maybe we'll try it again).

Keira wanted to be a witch and I have something to tell you all: SOMETHING is wrong with the world. She wears a little girls size 7 or medium. Size 7 fits 7 years olds, right? Then someone please, please tell me why every witches costume I found was either slutty or scary Gothic? Seriously. Something is wrong here folks. Where the cute witch or even just the Plain Jane witch? I found a really sweet witch's dress at and Keira, Brian and I all really liked, but when it came in the mail, it was a devil's costume. Cue the crazy mom. I tried returning it but with only 3 days before Halloween, they couldn't get us the right dress in time. I think the lady thought I was crazy when I said that, "No, can't make the devil costume "work". I don't want my kid dressing up as Satan." thankyouverymuch. We went to party city and settled on a Candy corn witch. We found out on Halloween morning that it is a bit more "grown up" looking than we wanted, but it was cute all the same. Caleb took to Frankenstein's monster this season, so he naturally picked him. Sadie Bug wanted to be a Lady Bug again for obvious reasons and Violet loves everything Keira so she opted for her big sister's old costume. Cool, cool. I love saving money! Daylon was batman...and a pretty cute one by the way!
   I give you, our trick or treaters...

Brian sold his car that day so he took the train home. We picked him up at the station in Corona and then went trick-or-treating in my parents neighborhood. This was our first year to go as a family, Since Daylon's been born he's always been too sick to go so he and I stay home. It was such a blast! Daylon loved it too and didn't even notice he wasn't getting any candy (he can't keep sugar down)! He drove in his little car on the sidewalk with me while Brian and the kids ran to the doors.  Our last house was my parents. They were really surprised to see us and enjoyed visiting with the kids for a few minutes. We were all looking forward to our first time trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood, but there's always next year. We all had such a great time!

grandpa wearing a tutu...That's not something you say everyday.


  1. Wow. A new post every time I sit down at my computer. I'm loving all the updates. Your kid's costumes turned out really cute. That's too bad about the witch costume though. Looks like a fun Halloween.