Monday, June 18, 2012

Best big boy ever!

  Caleb has loved Kindergarten (not the homework so much, but that's another story). As great as it is to watch your kid get an award for academics, there's something special about watching them get an award for behavior. Each trimester, the teacher decideds who the best behaved student was and they're given the "Super Star Behavior" award. For the second trimester, Caleb was chosen! We are SO very proud of him!! His teacher told us that he always follows the class and recess rules and he's great at paying attention. His teacher also said that he's a "rare breed" of student for his age because he is very outgoing and popular with his friends but he can keep it together when he's in the classroom so as not to disrupt the class. Way to go, Bubby!

Caleb shaking Mr. Dent's hand

Caleb and Mrs. Lane

  Grandma DLC hung around and after school treated us all to Mc Donald's to celebrate! Thanks Grandma (mom)!

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