Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Medieval Times

  In February, Brian and I wanted to take the kids somewhere fun and we eventually decided on Medieval Times (Disneyland lost). We've never taken the kids there before and we thought that they might really enjoy it. We never guessed just how much! It was worth every penny!

they were captivated by the horns and the King and his Royal Court

Cool knight stuff

I can't even tell you how much "Ohhh!- ing and "Awww!"-ing they did!

Beautiful Horses

We were on the Green Knight's side

I don't know if it was the food (it was delicious), the atmosphere or the whole eating with your hands, but my kids actually ATE DINNER without a WORD of objection! I'm considering having them eat in the dark more often.

Sadie and Violet both caught a carnation when they were thrown into the crowd

Later, Keira was named, "Queen of the Tournament"! I can not believe the luck our girls had that night! I've been there a half dozen times in my life and I've never even come close!

the kids with the Green Knight afterwards


  1. During the summer, they always have a OC Restaurant week, and the tickets are a lot cheaper :)

    You should try the Pirate Adventure...It's fun, too!