Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting a move on

  The down side to turning your blog into a journey is that I feel HORRIBLY guilty to my kids when I fall behind and I realize I can't just skip a few months. So, I believe I'm at Christmas.

Aunt Emily and the kids assembled the gingerbread house. Gotta love Aunt Emily!

THE house (and the goodies the kids and I made during break)

It's not Christmas until SANTA VISITS!!!

He loves visiting with Santa more than any other kid I know. He has never ONCE cried for Santa.

He, on the other hand, cries every year.

My brothers have a thing where they try to embarrass whoever isn't playing ...ahem...a character. It's pretty hilarious

  Some Karaoke...

 Then it's time to get ready for bed! Sprinkling the lawn with reindeer food-

For Rudolph and the crew

T'was the night before Christmas...

The kids worked hard for a couple of weeks leading up to Christmas earning money for Christmas. This was the first year that we asked them to buy presents for each other (normally they love to buy for grandparents and us). Emily and Jonathan came shopping with the kids and us. We each took one kid and met up at the car. Brian and I were both in tears when the kids showed us what they bought for each other. They were so thoughtful of the person they were buying for and never thought of themselves. We have such good kids. Caleb bought Daylon this hat which he LOVED!

By far the funniest gift of Christmas. Leave it to Jonathan

Addison's first Christmas!!! We LOVED snuggling our newest baby!!!

Okay. I just wanna put her in my pocket.

I love Christmas.

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