Monday, June 18, 2012

Random March pictures- Sadie and Daylon

A common sight- Sadie reading. I love that she's taken such an interested in reading since she was a baby and now that she is learning to read on her own, I will often go looking Sadie because she's being too quiet and I'll find her reading.

More Sadie news: She fell at preschool at got 7 stitches under her lip. This is obviously after the stitches

Our family has been really loved by the Corona Fire Dept since Daylon was born and we love them! This is Daylon modeling his new CFD tee shirt! Thanks guys! The kids love their shirts!

Daylon also started to have a desire to do things himself. He loves to hold his nebulizer and push the pause button on his feeding pump when it beeps.

Daylon's first day of Nursery! Even though he's 2 1/2, Daylon has been staying with us during church until recently. He loves his teachers and long as we stay with him. :)

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