Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Valentine's Tea Party

   The girls and I have been wanting to start a tradition over the last couple years of a tea party and this year we were finally able to do it! They invited their cousin Aleyna, and some family friends that live down the street. The girls loved dressing up and drinking tea (punch) like English ladies. I think they like pouring the teapot as much as drinking it. We also had some lady like/Valentine snacks.

I found teacups and saucers from thrift stores and then the girls got to use them as party favors when it was time to go home!

  Afterwards, we had a photo shoot. Let me tell you, these girls loved to ham it up. They got into my box of props and picked out accessories, while I took their pictures one by one.

Keira and the Bruer twins, Kara and Kelli

Our twins and Tori Bruer

Aleyna with Violet and Keira

From the mom stand point, it was such an easy party and I loved gabbing it up with Katie

while the girls played. We're definitely doing this again next year! I figure we only have a year or two left until Keira starts to think this sort of thing is lame, and I'm taking advantage while I can!


  1. It looks like the girls had so much fun. They look darling in their pretty dresses.

  2. So so cute!
    What a fun day!